VITA2Date of Birth: March 11, 1986
Hair: Dark brown, currently blonde highlights, short
Eyes: Brown
Height: 174cm / 5’7″
Size: S
Shoe Size: EU 39, US 6.5 (W)
Languages: German, English (American), Spanish (Mexican Spanish)
Accents: German accents: Sächsisch, Schwäbisch, Hessisch, Kölsch, Österreichisch, Bayrisch (all others with preparation). English accents: Russian, French, Italian, Texan. Spanish accents: Mexican
Sports: Running, climbing, cardio, rollerblading, biking, tae kwon-do, swimming, stand up paddle boarding
Drivers License: Car
Instruments: Piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums (basics, autodidact)
Singing Voice: Mezzo-soprano, pop, rock, punk, soul, blues, ranchero mariachi

Special Features: Tattoos on lower arms, back, torso. All tattoos can be hidden by long sleeve shirts / blouses or make up.
Piercings: Belly button, nose (can be taken off any time)


2020 – “Die Chefin” – TV Series (Jasmin Beck)
2020 – “Nachtschwestern” – TV Series (Dr. Leonie Mertens)
2019 – “Bettys Diagnose” – TV Series (Cara Koch)
2013 – 2018 – “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” – Daily Drama, UFA SERIAL DRAMA, RTL (Andrea / Anni Brehme)
2012 – “Glamour”
–  Short Film, self directed (Girl)
2011 – “Swans”
– Feature by Hugo Vieira da Silva (Nurse #1)
2010 – “Claire”
– Short Film, by Cate Smierzak (Roommate)